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RAM 1500 Manifold


Manta's New Replacement Exhaust Manifolds for RAM 1500: Drive with confidence!

Enhance your driving experience with Manta's latest release - Aftermarket factory exhaust manifold replacements developed here in Australia for the RAM 1500. Bid farewell to the headaches and downtime caused by known faulty RAM factory exhaust manifolds and enjoy the reliability of Manta's manifold replacements.


The Factory Flaw: A Common Issue

As many of you are aware, RAM 1500s are prone to developing cracks in the factory exhaust manifolds and broken manifold bolts, which cause leaks in the manifolds and also a ticking sound commonly known as the RAM 'Tick.' Manta now developed a perfect solution for you. Our replacement exhaust manifolds are manufactured from heavy-duty steel, ensuring durability and resilience against heat, corrosion, and more importantly, cracking.


Manta's Exhaust Manifolds: Unmatched Quality and Performance

1. Precision Engineering

Our replacement exhaust manifolds are the result of many hours of research and development. Made with precision, these are designed to seamlessly replace faulty factory manifolds, ensuring a hassle-free installation process. Like our performance exhausts, these Manta manifolds are designed and manufactured right here in Australia.

2. Premium Materials

Manta is renowned for excellent product quality and fitment. Our exhaust manifolds are constructed from a heavy 3mm wall steam pipe, providing durability and resistance against corrosion and more importantly, cracking. 

3. Direct Replacement

A simple and uncomplicated installation. Manta's exhaust manifolds are designed as a direct replacement for the factory parts, making the upgrade process seamless and quick. Their straightforward installation means you can get back on the road in no time. We have replacement manifolds to suit both the DS and DT RAM 1500, the kits also include replacement manifold bolts.

4. Dependable on Every Drive

With the Manta exhaust manifolds you can drive confidently, knowing that your RAM 1500 is equipped with our manifold replacements that will stand up to the demands of the road. That peace of mind is priceless!



Please note that due to high demand, stock is limited. However, as we manufacture them in-house, you wont have to wait long


Click the link for DS or DT RAM below.




RAM 1500 Manifolds