Do you own a turbo diesel 4×4, and are looking for a way to improve the output from your motor, without affecting reliability? We have the answer – the STING Power Modules

For a range of vehicles including the Toyota Landcruiser, Hilux and Prado, Holden RA Rodeo, and the Nissan Patrol and Navara, the STING Power Module is a highly advanced piggy-back ECU, which is completely plug-and-play, and offers significant increases in power and torque by regulating various engine parameters.

Available for most modern electronically-controlled diesel engines, the STING Power Module is an easy and cost effective way to get a lot more performance.

Often called a “diesel chip” or “power chip” (referring to the advanced microprocessor that is the ‘brain’ of the module), the STING module can control a number of parameters, including fuel pressure, fuel injection, and boost pressure. Power gains are achieved by regulating the fuel and boost delivery. Increasing the peak boost pressure allows for a more complete combustion of fuel, and the delivery of extra fuel at certain points in the rev range gives significant power increases. Generally fuel economy improves, or in a worst case scenario it stays the same.

For the best results, the STING diesel chip is combined with an upgraded 3” Manta exhaust. This gives extra exhaust capacity to carry away the exhaust gasses as quickly as possible, also allowing the turbo to operate at peak efficiency.

Generally, the STING Power module is “plug-and-play”, meaning it is pre-set from the factory, and further adjustment is not generally required. However, the power chip is fully adjustable, with four different power maps, each with 7 settings, so with some dyno time you can maximise the effects of the diesel chip by adjusting it as required.

All the STING Power Modules use European technology, with TUV and DEKRA approvals, and are manufactured to the highest standard. We then do all the tuning to match our exhausts, and to suit our harsh conditions – ensuring the factory safe parameters are not breached in any way.

With over 10 years’ experience selling diesel tuning modules here in Australia, you can be confident of the results you will see from your STING diesel tuning solution.

If you’re interested in a Sting diesel chip for your vehicle, give our team a call today on 1300 310 330.